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The Last Cafe
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The Last Cafe
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A lot can happen

when there's

nothing to do . . .
The Last Cafe
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Paperback: 448 pages
General fiction, humor, satire.
Publisher: Author House (June 30, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 1420850075
A killer blizzard strands a group of eccentric travelers at a small cafe in the middle of nowhere for two memorable days in
this delightfully funny and touching novel by Kevin Cahill.

Narrating the events at The Last Cafe is Morton Poom, the town's local famous poet who fancies himself a mystery writer
(and a very bad one at that). Poom introduces us to the strangers who seek refuge from the storm, among them the
wealthy and snobbish Victor Spoils and his gin-swilling wife, Muffin; a sweet English Scholar, Linda Love; and a grimy
biker only known as The Thief.

Among the locals are Myrna Zeligman, the elderly, chain-smoking cafe owner; Raoul Goldblum, Myrna's Jewish-Mexican
cook; Elsa, the Last Cafe's overweight and nosey waitress; Carl G. 'Bud' Moore Jr. II, a gas pump attendant with some
damaged gray matter; Sheriff Bill Fish, the one-eyed lawman with an itchy trigger finger; Quiet Dave, enigmatic owner of
Dave's Guns and Gifts (who hasn't uttered a word in twenty years); Ivon Poom, Morton's grumpy father; and Bob The
Dog, a gentle Doberman who carries on deeply philosophical discussions with the narrator Poom.

Cahill's quickly paced style is peppered with witty dialogue that briskly leads the plot through each character's life story,
intertwining new relationships that grow through the passing hours. We learn about life and its many crossroads, as the
Last Cafe slowly transforms into a metaphor for a stopping point where important decisions must be made before one can
continue the journey of life.  It's hilarious, outrageous, and laugh-out-loud funny.  Cahill's eccentric characters are
charming, witty, pompous, funny, and just a tad insane.

The Last Cafe will make you both laugh and cry as Cahill's wonderful characters reveal their fragile yet durable spirit.
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