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Governor John Evans Wires Stanton & Dole - August 10, 1864
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"Rebellion Records"
The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate
Armies, Series I, Vol. XLI, Part II  -  Excerpts relevant to the Sand Creek Massacre

Governor John Evans writes to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, and William P. Dole,
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, regarding the threat of Cheyenne Dog Soldiers and Sioux warrior
clans advancing on Denver.  Evans reiterates his request to raise a temporary volunteer militia to
be commissioned and outfitted for a period of 100 days.


DENVER, COLO., August 10, 1864.

(Received 3.05 p. m.)

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

The alliance of Indians on the plains reported last winter in my communication is now undoubted. A large force,
say 10,000 troops, will be necessary to defend the lines and put down hostilities. Unless they can be sent at
once we will be cut off and destroyed.


Governor of Colorado Territory.


Denver City, Colo., August 10, 1864. (Received 9 p. m.)

Honorable W. P. DOLE,

Commissioner of Indian, Affairs:

I am now satisfied that the tribes of the plains are nearly all combined in this terrible war, as apprehended last
winter. It will be the largest Indian war this country ever had, extending from Texas to the British lines, involving
nearly all the wild tribes of the plains. Please bring all the force of your department to bear in favor of speedy
re-enforcements of our troops, and get me authority to raise a regiment of 100-days' mounted men. Our militia
law is inoperative, and unless this authority is given we will be destroyed.


Governor of Colorado Territory and Superintendent of Indians.
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