Paperback: 488 pages
Science fiction, thriller,
murder mystery.
Publisher: Author House
(November 30, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 1420809644
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Knights of Harvest
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Knights of Harvest
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UFO aliens, cattle mutilations and murder intertwine in this bizarre thriller that pits a small town cop and an infamous
defense attorney against a wicked government conspiracy.

A macabre triple murder at a remote farm shakes a small town when hired hand Seth Cameron claims that inhabitants of a
UFO murdered his employer and the man's wife and granddaughter. Most think Cameron snapped and killed the family, but
Officer Ken Jackson finds evidence that suggests Cameron just might be telling the truth.

Complicating matters is the mysterious intervention of a government agent, who commandeers the investigation and covers
up the evidence Jackson has found, leaving Jackson in danger if he divulges what he knows.

Jackson enlists the help of renowned defense attorney, Marcus Payne, a loopy burn-out on the brink of self-destruction.
Together, they embark on a perilous journey to the truth. In the end, they may regret they did.

The novel is a terrifying descent into the netherworld of UFOs, cattle mutilations, and murder.
Knights of Harvest twists and
turns through dark caverns of intrigue and suspense that will leave you peering out your window at night.
Something's out there . . .

In a span of three weeks, strange lights
have appeared over a remote
countryside, leaving a wake of mutilated
livestock, frayed nerves and wild

And now, two people are dead, one is
missing, and only Seth Cameron knows
the truth . . .
Knights of Harvest
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